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Your needs

Whether you're a CEO, CSR Leader, head of a professional network or a consultant...
we have the right solution for YOU

I'm struggling to embark everyone in the CSR and carbon footprint initiatives of my company

I'm missing a complete dashboard so I can easily steer my company's carbon/CSR strategy

Measuring the carbon footprint is so time-consuming ! Most of my time is spent counting rather than taking action

Our solutions

Our software Toovalu Impact provides you with 2 modules

Climate, CSR and CSRD

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Toovalu : so much more than a software

A robust tool


We've been bringing the best of our expertise in terms of CSR and Carbon Footprint Evaluations to our clients for the past 10+ years


Toovalu is deployed across hundreds of subsidiaries, spanning more than 7000 english and french speaking users globally


A time-tested robust solution which is continually updated and upgraded through technical tests, audits and up-to-date integration processes

A human-centric approach


40 partnerships and more than a 100 Toovalu-vetted and trained consultants offering complementary expertise in fields like LCA, biodiversity, mission-driven enterprise and wholistic corporate strategy


We're constantly in touch with our clients to make sure our software provides the best solution to the problems they face everyday

Training & consulting

You choose to get onboarded on your terms with help that is fully customised to your specific needs

A mindset geared towards innovation, at all times

Climate & CSR

A All-in-one tool that gives you a 360° overview on the climate and societal strategy of your company


A practical approach to anchor our R&D initiatives by working hand in hand with our clients to implement breakthrough Climate and CSR strategies


An ongoing focus on research and development with several PhDs in our midst, making sure we remain at the cutting edge of all things Climate and CSR

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it is important not merely to foresee the future, but to bring it about.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Citadelle, 1948

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