Simplify your environmental, social and societal data collection
Facilitate your extra-financial audits
Value your global performance
Progress in the deployment of your action plan

TOOVALU transforms your CSR into complete performance for your company

  • Climate strategy
  • CSR Strategy

Toovalu offers you a comprehensive solution for managing your CSR & Climate strategy.
The solution is specific to your sector and business, and Toovalu partners with you to help you succeed in your CSR mission.
Right from structuring and integration to deployment of your CSR, Toovalu supports you throughout your journey.

With Toovalu, wake up your CSR/Extra-financal data !

  • See all updates carried out
  • Keep up with your reporting phases and time frames
  • Your information project
  • Monitor your progress with your instrument panel
They trust us

“ TOOVALU enables us to facilitate the information flow and thus the handling of our CSR strategy ”

Catherine Candella, CSR Director, UP Group