With Toovalu, boost your overall performance

Simplify the collection of your environmental, employment and company data.

Whether you choose a customized version or you wish to opt for one of our business versions, the TOOVALU solution enables you to manage your corporate social responsibilities easily:

  • TOOVALU matches your business, your benchmarks, your scope (CSR or carbon).
  • In tune with your CSR strategy: Structuring of priority issues, objectives and dialogue with stakeholders.
  • Mould TOOVALU to match your organization (geographical areas, factories, administrative sites, branches, subsidiaries…)
  • Import data from other sources available in the company : HR, ERP, Excel and invoices.
  • Collect information online in collaborative mode with our secure Web solution:
  • From 5 to 10,000 contributors, data collectors, readers, administrators – you choose!
  • Follow the progress of your collection with the dashboard for follow-up.

Let us make your extra-financial audits easy

After data collection, you are ready for audit:

  • Control in-house the consistency and reliability of your data.
  • Provide proof for all your CSR information.
  • Offer direct access to information to your external auditors.

The CSR/extra-financial audit then becomes a simple formality!

You ensure compliance with the law and respond to the expectations of the CSR/extra-financial analysts.

Let us develop your overall performance

Bring you extra-financial data to life !

Move from CSR reporting to monitoring with your extra-financial KPI dashboard.

CSR thus becomes valuable and is exploited by the various business areas of your company :

  • Deploy CSR dashboards suited to each challenge, that of: purchasers, marketing, HR, branch manager, etc.
  • Analyse your overall performance, carry out CSR performance benchmark studies of your various sites and subsidiaries
  • Integrate CSR with your overall strategy
  • Share with your stakeholders.

“CSR Report is dead, long live CSR monitoring in real time !”

Progress in the implementation of your action plan

TOOVALU enables dynamic sharing of your action plan :

  • Collect the ideas of your data collectors, their best practices and their testimonies.
  • Analyse the risks, the costs, the progress of your action plans,…
  • Update a reference catalogue of best practices specific to your business, your sector, etc.
  • Link your actions to your objectives and evaluate your progress.

You have a reporting tool for continuous improvement and concrete action !