Toovalu, the software solution for monitoring and communicating your performances on GHG assessment and CSR

Toovalu climate : Save time, optimize and capitalize on your GHG assessments


  • Generate your BEGES (greenhouse gas emissions regulatory report) instantly: TOOVALU calculates your CO2 emissions with ADEME’s Base CarboneÒ based on your consumption
  • Enable collection of your data: Web access enables automated imports and direct data entry by a network of dedicated collectors at the same time.


  • Do you know the reference method to act in future? Trajectory 2ºC is developed by the ACT (Assessing low-Carbon Transition) association and the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project). ADEME is a partner of the project for the first time.
  • Monitor your Trajectory 2°C with Toovalu: sectorial approach; definition of objectives and follow-up; deployment at the level of your company,…

Toovalu CSR : To manage and organize communication (reporting) of your CSR indicators

Toovalu Datas

  • Structuring and organizing the collection of yours csr data from à des renowned standard
  • Simplify your data collection from web access that allows information holders to inform them themselves

Toovalu Strat

  • Organize and clarify  CSR performance’s communication to yours internal and external stakeholers
  • Valorize automatically yours data carbone footprint in your CSR reporting
  • Link your dashboard to guidelines of “ISO 26000”
  • Capitalize yours data and facilitate their exploitation within the framework of customer audits or certification