Toovalu & co, a complete ecosystem at your service for a professional CSR and climate experience

They trust us


They trust us


“ TOOVALU allows us to make easy the feedback and so the steering of our CSR strategy. ”

Catherine Candella, CSR Director, UP Group

14 countries collect data for the group's carbon footprint.

100% of our suppliers "from the forest to the customer" are certified "PEFC".

750 member-employees (out of a total of 2.355) hold 100% of group's capital

CO2's 700 tonne equivalent decreases between 2011 and 2014

They trust us


“ We chose TOOVALU because the meeting between the methodological expertise of the team and the functionality of the tool TOOVALU creates the necessary synergy to accompany our grouping in the reduction of its impacts. ”

Jean-Michel Guillou, environment engineer - SYSTEME U CENTRALE NATIONALE

They trust us


They trust us


They trust us

SMEs & Midmarket companies sector

They trust us


They trust us



TOOVALU is a Limited Company (called SAS in France) bringing together 4 Associate partners

  • Marie Gaborit, Associate Director of TOOVALU
  • Cabinet ESPERE, experts in CSR and BEGES
  • EVEA SAS, specialists in life cycle and eco-design analysis
  • NEPTUNE Internet Services Provider and information technology

The long-standing business expertise of the TOOVALU management team brings real value-addition to the design and continuous development of the software, designed to closely fit customer requirements.

TOOVALU practises co-innovation along with and for its customers: brain-storming sessions, joint drafting of specifications and shared development resulting in a highly customized software solution.

TOOVALU regularly organizes user group forums, an invigorating environment for exchange of best practices and sharing of innovative solutions. This is to build relationships with users and is a proof of its commitment to them.

We are much more than just a team

We work closely together with our customers, partners and colleagues: to build an ecosystem to implement what is desirable and possible in the future. That’s what motivates me each morning !

Marie Gaborit - Director Toovalu

The Carbon Assessment or CSR, is not a “one-time” effort which ends with placing a certificate on the mantle on completion of the project. It is a cross-sectorial, long-term, protracted, work. In such cases, better be fully prepared and equipped! I think Toovalu is the ideal tool: simple to understand, multifunction, easy to port and implement globally across the company. Truly a Swiss multi-function pocket knife for CSR/extra-financial ;-)

Jean-François Fillaut - President Toovalu & Associate Director Cabinet ESPERE
Jean-Baptiste Puyou - Director, Evea Conseil (Consulting)

I left the industry in 2003 to co-found Cabinet ESPERE, which is a collaborative consultancy and a CSR training specialist. I help companies integrate CSR into their business and management strategy. Toovalu enables us to deepen and widen our approach.

François Raguenot - Associate Director, Cabinet ESPERE
Arthuro Montez - Director, Neptune Internet Services

“The future is not what will happen to us, but what we will make happen.” Bergson

Renate Schaëfer - Business Executive

“Be the change that you want to see in the world” - Gandhi

Stéphanie Barto - Communication/Marketing & Administrative Management
Moustapha Dieng - User Assistance
Mélodie Kouloundissa - Digital Innovation
Etienne Petit - User Assistance

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