Toovalu Solutions


Software solutions
designed to support organisations in their transition to a sustainable economy.

Climate change

Climate action for all!

Carbon footprinting module – a collaborative, flexible and user-friendly tool for effective data collection and analysis to quantify and analyse your organisation’s emissions for operations, assets and projects.

Climate Change Strategy module –setting GHG emissions reduction target and building a decarbonization roadmap!


assessing and managing your impact

CSR module – a collaborative and user-friendly tool for effective non-financial data collection, setting sustainability goals and managing an action plan

Performance improvement strategy – from impact improvement to a regenerative business model


With Toovalu Impact

Incorporate your climate change and CSR strategies in your business operations

Save time and money when collecting, analysing and auditing data

Design and deploy a robust climate change strategy in line with 1.5ºC pathway of the Paris agreement

Deploy a decarbonization roadmap engaging your stakeholders over the long term


Toovalu Impact

A tool to cool the climate

LESS time
collecting and aggregating data

MORE time
to deploy your climate strategy